Saturday, January 31, 2009

a new year, a new crush??

31/12/08 - 01/01/09
One of the best nites of my life

its the 2009 and i've move on from my 5 years of feels really nw im wandering if i can hav the same feelings that i hav with the one that got away with another girl..everynite i think about and it really bothers tell u the truth,im jealous with my friends..they are so lucky to hav gf or bf thats loves them so much..i really want to feel wuts is like to hav someone that that loves u,cares for u n b there for wut to do rite?im jus a loser trying to live my boring life..on the bright side,i sorta hav a crush(i think) with this girl..n another..n another..i think its a phase that im going through rite i kinda like this one girl..shes really nice and friendly..b b4 anyone get the wrong idea,it is not LYN..lyn is jus my greatest bestie in the world n i love her so much...well,we'll see wut happen between me and that girl..i hope lady luck smiles at me this time rather than the last 5 years..haha :)

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