Thursday, December 30, 2010

Final Entry for 2010

i don't sense the end of the world yet cuz Busted have already been to the Year 3000.
sorry, i'm feeling a bit nostalgic.
it's been a decade yaw!
10 freaking years.
damn what a long time.
so i have my right to be a little nostalgic.
S Club 7, Blue,Westlife.
damn i feel old.
oh yeah cuz 2011 will mean that i'll be 20 next july.
damn, no 'teen' ever!
a lot of pressure.
so speaking of the new year,
what are my new year's eve plan?
hmm good question!
well, i have no effing idea.
some want to go here,
some want to go there.
i'm kinda stuck.
i kinda want a peaceful,non-crowded celebration of the new year,
but without anyone to celebrate it, it's no fun.
so i'll just follow my friends and see how it goes.
it's not like i have a special girl that i can bring with -.-
it's not that being with my friends isn't fun,
i just want a special someone to be there when the clock strikes midnight.
looks like 2010 wasn't really happy with me,
so the curse still lives on.
damn you!
but there were some good things that happen during 2010.
well, i now have more friends, in and out of college of course.
who would have thought that a loser kid like me will have some awesome friends(thx lyn<3)
people keep telling me that i'm like famous and popular and stuff.
well i'm not!
i'm just an average guy who follows his friends to go see other friends.
without my close friends, i won't be able to know half of my friends now.
so i appreciate it.
how bout my attitude?did it change?
well, not really.
i still feel like the same syahmi.
but some say that i changed.
maybe i did.
but i just don't realized it yet.
i do notice that i've become more social.
i used to be the guy who only hang with certain people only.
but now, i don't care.
i'm like opening up my variety?
something like that.
i don't wanna brag,
but i kinda went out with girls,
by myself,
no when else(well, maybe some bought their friends)
weird right?
me going out with girls?
it's like my kembara turns to a buggati.
it will never happen, but it did.
i was kinda nervous will all those encounters(sound like Final Fantasy to me, which btw is awesome!)
especially the current encounter.
that made me really nervous like shit.
but i went through all of that.
and i kinda feel proud of myself.
well, not only cuz i get to go out with girls.
but also cuz i stepped out of my box.
not being the loner(i'm kinda still am a lil)
so that was kinda a big deal in 2010.
what else?
i can't think much.
now, let's talk about 2011.
what can u expect from me in 2011?
well, TESL nite is just around the corner!
who will be my date that night?
i have no clue *perhaps?
i'm going to be hella busy with it.
taking photos and stuff.
and oh yeah!
i'm doing my practicum around july!
yeah! *jump off building
i'm freaking scared!
i can't handle kids!
damn! damn! damn!
ok i'm calm down now.
i'm still not ready.
but i guess i can be prepared more.
will we be expecting a gf in 2011?
and i hope i choose the right one :)
like i said, i'll go with the flow.
i won't put high hopes on anything or anyone.
i've learned it the hard way.
so please 2011,
be nice to me.
i really want 2011 to be the year i shine the most,
the year that i've become something,
the year that i finally found someone.
the year Syahmi will be Syahmi!
good bye 2010,
and hello 2011!!!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 rewind

damn, 2010 is almost done.
it seems just like yesterday it was January,
but here we are, December.
countdown begins to 2011.
looking back at this year,
it definitely has its ups and downs.
for once,
i get to keep my hair long like a rockstar.
more like a 25 year old hobo.
but it still looks cool.
i somehow become more responsible this year.
being class rep,
organizing events,
being (un)official photograper for TESL club,
living (semi)alone.
damn, a lot has happened.
and i didn't even notice it.
maybe it's a sign that i'm truly changing.
becoming the person that i will become.
i mean, i truly suck during previous years.
but this year, i took a lot of responsibility,
which i always afraid to keep up.
but i somehow managed to get through them.
one thing for sure,
i'm still an Ass-hole!
A jack-ass!
i don't mind calling myself that.
i know my flaws and i don't give a fuck about others who think judge me.
the downs of my year?
so much fall out between my parents and me.
i love my family but damn it,
crap on a stick!
oh yeah!
being alone!
even this year i couldn't get lucky.
it's like the curse is still with me.
and it wont go away.
damn it!
but i did mature a little when it comes to going out with girls.
although i still need some stuff to work out.
but it's kinda an improvement from last year.
i just wish i could have met someone this year.
and spend time with her through out the year.
i always have the thought that i will spend my new year's eve with someone that i truly care about.
i mean, not that i don't like spending it with my friends,
but i just wish that a certain someone will be there too.
and that certain someone could be anyone,
but i guess i won't know who she is.
its sad that all this while people think i'm like this guy who hangs out with girls,
but in reality i'm just another loser just trying to survive in this world.
i'm a nobody.
i guess i went off topic.
i'm sorry.
being the last few days of the year,
i tend to get a little bit emotional about this.
anyway, 5 days left till new years.
and i hope maybe during these 5 days,
a freaking miracle could happen to me.
for once, i could be happy on a new year :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Original Cheap Blackberry For Sale...

wanna buy a new Blackberry?
come visit this link.!/album.php?aid=255134&id=818414547

wait, do anybody read my blog?

Friday, October 15, 2010

to be continued.....

i'm gonna upload more raya photos when i start my sem break :)

raya memories - ayu

i miss this girl :(

raya memories - lyn

lyn = best friend ever

wasn't raya a month ago?

posting about raya a month late?
damn i'm so lame.
well IDGAF!
i'll do it anyway.
this year's raya feels,
nothing special.
just the same old same old.
but i did get to spend some time with my beloved friends.
damn i miss them so much.
it's always great to see some familiar faces.
we only get like one week of holidays to meet each other.
although short,
it was a great week and so is the other weeks after that.
i for one did two lil open houses.
one for my schoolmates and others,
and one for my coursemates.
really had fun.
wish i could spend more time with them.
but all good things must come to an end.
i'm gonna put some photos in a few blogs with some of my close friends ever.
raya memories!

break through the silence

sorry bloggy, haven't been spending some time with you lately.
blame twitter.
and FB.
and well, everything.
i said that i wanted to do a full SPvsTW review for the next blog,
but since i haven't watch it fully,
i decided to wait for awhile for a better copy.
i don't think it will be shown in Malaysia though.
damn government!
so what is new with my damn life?
i'm still the jackass that everybody knows.
i'm still as lazy as ever.
heading to a 5-6 weeks sem break,
which i have no idea what to do.
planning to go to a gym to finally work out.
damn im outta shape.
need to flatten the tummy a lil.
planning to get a BB.
everybody seems to be on the BB train.
gonna finish like 10 games that i bought a few months ago.
finally get to spend some quality time with my XBOX
hanging out?
but not all the time.
i'm jus a normal human being.
oh yeah,
my hair is getting longer.
but for how long?
i'm gonna have to cut it someday for my practicum.
the thought of teaching those rascals scare the shit outta me.
i'm definitely not effing ready.
i guess that's about it.
my life is really dull anyway.
if i got any interesting shit to write about,
u'll be seeing me.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World enjoyment!

ok, first of all i will like to say that it's been a long time since i've updated this shit.
i feel so lazy to even type more than 10 words.
but i just feel so excited,
that i feel that i want to type it out.
i've just dloaded Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie.
and i gotta say,
simple wow,
total epic.
but i have to say that this version that i dloaded sux.
cuz a quarter of it is in russian.
than change back to english.
but be bless for what we got right?
although it kinda messed up the feel of watching it,
i still got to enjoy the movie that is Scott Pilgrim.
i'm gonna write a full review for the next blog.
but i think i'll wait until a better version come up.
then i'll write it down. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

help me out! - words 2007 - words 2003

help me out with this survey guys.
click one of the the links above.
one is for Words 2007,
and one is for the Words 2003.
jus download one of it
and then fill up the rest.
and send it to the email given.

please and thanks :)

for those who are asking,
i'm helping my cousin
she is working at this agency,
and she need to do a survey.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ride with me

the syahmi-mobile :)

White Lines

wow,i'm 19 already and it sux.
not entirely.
i got a xbox 360 as an early bday gift i guess.
and you can't believe how many people wishes me a happy birthday.
although facebook is responsible for it,
i'm still happy.
even those sneaky lecturers.
ouh you guys.
you gave me and C and B,
but you still manage to make me smile.
even though i'm a bit older now,
still haven't settle my problems with my family.
i'm okay with my mum.
the rest is a mystery.
ego is it?
damn you.
ouh guess what?
i'm still single.
*rolling eyes while jumping off a building
and should i cut my hair?
i feel like as a future teacher,
i must.
but wtf,
i love it like this.
my hair rox.
okay, that was lame.
really lame.
i also joined the basketball club.
looks like i'm gonna be back in shape.
more fit.
incredibly tired everyday.
even on the weekends.
and i'm not doing anything on those days.
how many times did i said damn?
go eff yourself :)
why am i writing this long?
because maybe i won't be updating this crap for awhile,
due to my laziness as a human being.
i'm done for the night.
hope everything goes smoothly.
everything as in my freaking life.

We Are One

"Either Nexus or against us" - Wade Barrett

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


although i only get to see you like once in a blue moon, you are still my favorite girl in my life.
i always miss u like hell girl!
love ya Wan Liyana Rozan <3

counting the days.....

about to be 19 but still feels like a kid.
peter pan syndrome much?

Monday, June 28, 2010

TESL NITE : The Verdict

when i agree to go to TESL nite,
one thing comes to mind
and is to have fun that night.
and all of a sudden,
i'm the freaking photographer for the night.
me?a photographer?
i know,its weird.
but its something i haven't done officially.
this was my first event as the official photographer.
they even call out my name.
i was supposed to bring a date to the dinner,
but faith was not on my side.
hey, i'm used to it.
now, talking about TESL nite.
it was,well surprisingly good.
i went to rehearsal before the night started and had second thoughts about this night.
it wasn't like prom or some major event or something.
its just a simple dinner with friends and lecturers.
with a few entertainment.
kudos to them btw.
the committee did an excellent job handling TESL nite.
i mean seriously, they handle it well.
when everything seems to fall down under,
they just keep getting stronger and figuring it out the solution.
a fine salute to them as well.
i didn't eat much of the food that night.
i was busy taking pictures :p
the photography session was kinda chaotic in some ways.
it was hard to handle 50+ people on top of the stage.
all of them are girls btw.
the amount of guys were little.
i guess its true.
we are getting extinct.
then all hell breaks loose.
people just started to take pictures here and there.
i can't do anything about it.
and then one of the lecturers come up to me,
and till today i am still shock,
because she asked me to tell the students that the dance floor was open!
i was like, whaaattt?!!!!
are you serious?
i did not expect that at all.
the dance floor was opened.
and what do you expect from kids these days,
they all came up the stage and shake it like a Polaroid picture.
even the lecturers.
i think.
i was kinda high that night.
i saw people who i did not expect to dance like a maniac.
me too was dancing like it was prom night.
while taking pictures of course.
then we officially closed the dance floor
and went back home happy and tired.
it was a very surprisingly awesome night.
and its a shame that some didn't came to enjoy this moment.
i hope next year,
it will rock even more.
TESLians Unite.
ok, that was lame.
hahaha :p

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Support our TESLians and join the fun! :)

look us up at our official TESL CLUB Facebook

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Older and Wiser?

it's already June.
damn,time flies by when you're having fun (or lack of)
and i'm currently counting the days to my effing birthday.
the date i was born into this world.
man i feel old.
i mean really old.
that's a important number.
my upcoming final year as a teen.
what comes next?
the big 20.
double damn to that.
i wish i was Peter Pan or something.
that kid never grows up.
he can be quite annoying some times,
but still,
he stays as a teen.
i really can't imagine myself as a adult.
let alone a pre-adult.
i'm still like childish by nature.
but what can you do right?
sigh -___-

oh yeah,
i'm going to be 19 and i still don't have a girlfriend.
hooray!! -____-

Silent Love

Have you ever been silently in love
With someone you can never have?
So close you can touch her hand
Yet, so far to feel her heart?

Have you ever lived in pretense
Quietly loving without any condition?
A feeling of love that's unknown
Hiding it, not knowing for how long.

Have you ever fallen deeply
Loving the person unconditionally?
So afraid to say what you feel
Acting normal, keeping things still.

Have you ever been hurt unintentionally
But put on a smile, pretended to be happy?
Deep inside you're in pain and suffering
But outside you're jolly and laughing.

Why does holding her hand feel so right?
Your heart smiles every time she's at sight
Hearing her sweet voice makes your day
Hope you can hug her in a special way.


i still don't truly understand why you won't give me a chance.
why you don't want me to be a part of your life.
i try to be there for you,
but you keep pushing me away and act like it's nothing.
You pushed me away so far that you won't even acknowledged me sometimes.
What are you afraid of?
It hurts me deeply.
I know we've been through this situation like a million times,
back and forth,
you say this, i say that,
but it kills me to think about why you're doing this to me.
at least a simple conversation will do.
I don't mind.
Just don't act like i'm not aroound.
Like i'm invisible.
I hope you understand.
please and thanks.


it finally happened.
Glee Season 1 has finally ended.
and holy eff,
did it end with a blast.
i love this episode and the entire season.
rarely a tv show becomes interesting to me,
but this show really had me going.
from the all amazing characters(Sue Slyvester,Puck, and Brittany<3),
awesome storylines,
to the incredible selection of songs.
this show makes High School Musical look like a piece of turd.
Effed HSM!
Glee all the way!
i can't wait till the next season.
more drama,more laughter,
and most of all,
more brittany<3
Don't Stop Believing :)
wtf is happening to me? -.-

Friday, June 4, 2010


you know the drill.
ask me anything,

damn you internet,
damn you the heck!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


i hate being alone


one of the reasons i watch Glee!Heather Morris as Brittany <3
"Do you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" - EPIC!


so i'm currently on my semester break,
and the boring life begins.
i've clean up the house and got lazy afterwards.
my wasted my life just looking at my lappy.
and playing my nintendo ds.
i've been watching the tv show Glee non-stop.
what is wrong with me?
why am i addicted to this show?
it's like crack.....
with music.
all of their songs are stuck in my head.
that's because i downloaded their freaking songs,
and keep repeating it over and over.
damn you Glee!
damn you to heck!
i guess my boring life continues.
where's my DS?

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World(must see movie)

ouh shit,
i really want to see this effing movie.
more than any of the current movies now.
hurry up August!
or i will bitch slap you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

What If........

every single person in the world always have this thought,
"What if....."
it doesn't matter,
"what if i do this" or "what if i did that"
every single bastard always think about it.
that includes me.
i am that bastard.
i never realized that i always have situation that always have me thinking "What if.."
with studies,
with family,
with friends,
with girls,
mostly with girls i guess.
situations with them always ended badly for me.
not for them.
the girls always ended up in a happy ending.
but for me,
crap on a stick.
and because of that,
i always think "What if.."
"What if i was with this girl?"
"What if i take a chance back then?"
"What if i actually be serious when it comes to you?"
these thoughts are messing with my mind.
i guess that is what happen when you've been alone for quiet some time.
i hate this -.-

Tick Tick Boom

confuse and ready to go! -.-

Monday, April 26, 2010


i want to get to know u more but it's just a big risk.
but why do i still wanna do it? -.-

Monday, April 19, 2010

a really really short sem

now im in my short semester phase and here are the 2 subjects im taking;
  • English Teaching Method
  • Critical Appreciation:Literary Texts
wow, just 2?
ok syahmi,don't get your head up your on ass.
to tell you the truth,
i don't know shit about all of these.
how the hell did i get an A for freaking literature on my 1st sem?
now im kinda struggling to see if i kinda pass this sem or not.
i don't know why but i really think that everything is being rushed all at the same time.
hope i can handle this shit.

"Under control? You're getting a fucking bazooka, dumb ass!" - Red Mist

A pretty reckless gossip girl :P

I'm in love with TAYLOR MOMSEN!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A 'Kick-Ass' Soundtrack

for all music lovers out there (and of course the fans of Kick-Ass) should listen to this soundtrack. Not only are the songs incredible and fit well in the movie, the soundtrack also includes several lines from the movie.

although this is a great soundtrack for the film, i am still waiting for the musical score of the movie. hope it comes out soon :)

Here are the scenes where some of the tracks were played that i know of:
  • Track 1 - Introduction of Dave and The ending
  • Track 5 - Kick-Ass helping a guy getting beat up
  • Track 7 - Hit Girl's massacre at Rasul's place
  • Track 8 - Dave putting fake tan of Katie
  • Track 9 - Kick-Ass trying on a cape and waiting for Red Mist
  • Track 11 - Kick-Ass is back and creating his own MySpace page
  • Track 12 - Hit Girl arrives at Frank D'amico building and cause mayhem
  • Track 13 - Hit Girl's killing spree at the hallway of Frank D'amico's building
  • Track 14 - Kick-Ass arrives on a jetpack and helps Hit Girl
so there you have it :)


I Miss This Girl So Much :'(

Friday, April 16, 2010

A 'Kick-Ass' Review

wow,simple wow.
i finally got to see Kick-Ass
and might i say,
it fucking kick ass!!!
it is totally worth the wait.
i mean seriously,
i was like really looking forward for this.
and i almost had a heart attack when the movie start.
cuz the feeling of finally getting to see it is just overwhelming.
millions thanks to my friends for watching this effing movie together with me.
although some could not make it,
but it isn't too late to watch with the others as well.
enough bout my feelings toward this movie,
lets get it on with the review shall we?

it fucking kick ass.
this movie just plain rules at every aspect.
the movie is almost faithful towards the comic book itself.
but it also has some minor yet important changes made.
such as the relationship between Dave and Katie,
and the ending as well.
i don't think that it is a big issue cuz this is jus an adaption of the comic book.
although the director can be 100% faithful towards the comic,
but changing and twisting the plot a little certainly made the movie more interesting.
there were several parts in the movie that are very similar in the comic but the scene and direction of it changed a little from the comic.
a true fan of this awesome comic/movie will totally recognized some of the scenes that are based from the comic.
i like that they showed the back story for each main characters.
cuz in the comic book, little do we know about the background of some of the characters.
Red Mist truly shines in this movie as a kid who wants to be in the 'business' with his dad.
but what really is the focus of the movie was the one and only,
damn, she is a effing killing machine.
she steals every scene that she is in.
i mean, she is jus freaking awesome!
at one point,
i was thinking of being a pedophile for a while.
since she is only like 11 years old in the movie.
now she is 13.
grow up faster Chloe Moretz.

OMG Moments(Spoiler ahead)

technically, every scene in the movie was an OMG moment for me.
here are some that i think was really OMG to me the most.

  • Hit Girl and Big Daddy's emotional last moment with each other. i almost cried :'(
  • Red Mist and Kick Ass dancing moment in the Mist Mobile.
  • Hit Girl in a school uniform..wait what?
  • Kick Ass saving a guy from a beating. the song played during this was cool.
  • Hit Girl's killing spree. and i mean all of it. from the one in Rasul's house to D'amico's building.
  • Hit Girl in counter strike mode. AWESOME!!!
  • The deaths in the movie, gory and cool at the same time.
  • A Jetpack? really?
  • A bazooka? really?
  • Masturbation at the beginning? errr ok i guess.
  • Buying a costume and a jet pack from the internet? hmm i have to try it some time.
  • Katie is just fucking hot..nuff said.
  • Red Mist.New Costume.
  • Kick Ass and Big Daddy getting tortured for the viewing of all people.
  • Big Daddy burns!!
so i guess i can say that anything that has Hit Girl in it is an OMG moment for me :P

and thats it i guess.
i really really enjoyed watching this awesome movie.
and i'll definitely watch it again and again.
here's hoping that a sequel is it the works.
not only for the movie but the comic book as well.

KICK-ASS totally kick ass..nuff said :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy The Hard Way

hey look, i'm still single!!
sigh -___-
i thought by this time i should have a girlfriend.
well, i don't.
still the lonely wolf.
i guess it's time for me to take a break from this.

I Came To Make A Bang!

well,my short sem has began.
nothing much has changed.
i did changed my hair style.
which makes me look like a rocker (yeah rite dude)
i've also been (forcefully)elected as class rep for my critical appreciation class.
i suck at it.
i mean big time.
i don't even look like a guy with that type of responsibility.
i mostly look like a guy who just lay back and let other people do their jobs.
well, i guess it's my time to shine..ergh!!!
a new era.
the age of syahmi (sounds kinda cool rite?)
trying to change my attitude,my behavior, my style to a more mature way.
good luck with that buddy :P

Kick-Ass is almost here!!!
i was surprise that malaysia even let Kick-Ass to be shown here.
expect a lot of things cut from the movie.
damn you malaysia's movie industry.
damn you to freaking hell.
oh well, i'll still enjoyed it.
with my college friends and home friends.
gonna watch it as many times as i can :)
oh yeah.
my ride(kembara,of course) is called the syahmi-mobile.
well, maybe i'm gonna change it the Mist-mobile.
paying homage to Red Mist's awesome car :)
hurry up April 16th!!!!!

A 'Kick-Ass' Countdown

it's's finally freaking here..just a few more days. ouh i can't wait for nerd-gasm.
ps - is it wrong for me to think that Chloe Moretz a.k.a. Hit Girl is hot? ARGH!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Give Me A Freaking Sign

i can't believe this.
i'm just not like me anymore.
i'm becoming more like a jerk.
a a-hole.
a dumb ass.
a jack ass.
a effed up person.
am i trying to hard?
is being me a bad thing?
i can't please everybody.
i'm just trying to have a little fun,
but come on.
i'm a loser.
i admit it.
i'm a loser of everything.
of clothing.
pretty much everything.
but i live my life the way i wanted it to be.
and i enjoyed it i guess.
but there is something missing.
always missing.
this curse.
get away from me.
what do u want from me?
a biscuit?
a prize?
just get away!
all i want is to be happy.
and finally,
give me a freaking sign please!
i can't take it!

Trip to Perak

On 27/03/10 which was on Saturday, me and my homies went on a road trip to Perak to see our friends at UiTM Seri Iskandar. It was a long, and i mean long trip. We even got lost on our way there. But all and all, we got to see them and we enjoyed ourself :)

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

i've recently acquired this awesome comic book called Scott Pilgrim and damn, it is freaking awesome.

and oh yeah, there is a movie coming up based on this awesome comic book starring Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim and Mary-Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona *shriek

can't wait to see this movie. i freaking hope it shows in Malaysia :P

Monday, March 1, 2010



Holly Valentine <33

-The Arcade-