Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Came To Make A Bang!

well,my short sem has began.
nothing much has changed.
i did changed my hair style.
which makes me look like a rocker (yeah rite dude)
i've also been (forcefully)elected as class rep for my critical appreciation class.
i suck at it.
i mean big time.
i don't even look like a guy with that type of responsibility.
i mostly look like a guy who just lay back and let other people do their jobs.
well, i guess it's my time to shine..ergh!!!
a new era.
the age of syahmi (sounds kinda cool rite?)
trying to change my attitude,my behavior, my style to a more mature way.
good luck with that buddy :P

Kick-Ass is almost here!!!
i was surprise that malaysia even let Kick-Ass to be shown here.
expect a lot of things cut from the movie.
damn you malaysia's movie industry.
damn you to freaking hell.
oh well, i'll still enjoyed it.
with my college friends and home friends.
gonna watch it as many times as i can :)
oh yeah.
my ride(kembara,of course) is called the syahmi-mobile.
well, maybe i'm gonna change it the Mist-mobile.
paying homage to Red Mist's awesome car :)
hurry up April 16th!!!!!

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