Wednesday, June 30, 2010


although i only get to see you like once in a blue moon, you are still my favorite girl in my life.
i always miss u like hell girl!
love ya Wan Liyana Rozan <3

counting the days.....

about to be 19 but still feels like a kid.
peter pan syndrome much?

Monday, June 28, 2010

TESL NITE : The Verdict

when i agree to go to TESL nite,
one thing comes to mind
and is to have fun that night.
and all of a sudden,
i'm the freaking photographer for the night.
me?a photographer?
i know,its weird.
but its something i haven't done officially.
this was my first event as the official photographer.
they even call out my name.
i was supposed to bring a date to the dinner,
but faith was not on my side.
hey, i'm used to it.
now, talking about TESL nite.
it was,well surprisingly good.
i went to rehearsal before the night started and had second thoughts about this night.
it wasn't like prom or some major event or something.
its just a simple dinner with friends and lecturers.
with a few entertainment.
kudos to them btw.
the committee did an excellent job handling TESL nite.
i mean seriously, they handle it well.
when everything seems to fall down under,
they just keep getting stronger and figuring it out the solution.
a fine salute to them as well.
i didn't eat much of the food that night.
i was busy taking pictures :p
the photography session was kinda chaotic in some ways.
it was hard to handle 50+ people on top of the stage.
all of them are girls btw.
the amount of guys were little.
i guess its true.
we are getting extinct.
then all hell breaks loose.
people just started to take pictures here and there.
i can't do anything about it.
and then one of the lecturers come up to me,
and till today i am still shock,
because she asked me to tell the students that the dance floor was open!
i was like, whaaattt?!!!!
are you serious?
i did not expect that at all.
the dance floor was opened.
and what do you expect from kids these days,
they all came up the stage and shake it like a Polaroid picture.
even the lecturers.
i think.
i was kinda high that night.
i saw people who i did not expect to dance like a maniac.
me too was dancing like it was prom night.
while taking pictures of course.
then we officially closed the dance floor
and went back home happy and tired.
it was a very surprisingly awesome night.
and its a shame that some didn't came to enjoy this moment.
i hope next year,
it will rock even more.
TESLians Unite.
ok, that was lame.
hahaha :p

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Support our TESLians and join the fun! :)

look us up at our official TESL CLUB Facebook

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Older and Wiser?

it's already June.
damn,time flies by when you're having fun (or lack of)
and i'm currently counting the days to my effing birthday.
the date i was born into this world.
man i feel old.
i mean really old.
that's a important number.
my upcoming final year as a teen.
what comes next?
the big 20.
double damn to that.
i wish i was Peter Pan or something.
that kid never grows up.
he can be quite annoying some times,
but still,
he stays as a teen.
i really can't imagine myself as a adult.
let alone a pre-adult.
i'm still like childish by nature.
but what can you do right?
sigh -___-

oh yeah,
i'm going to be 19 and i still don't have a girlfriend.
hooray!! -____-

Silent Love

Have you ever been silently in love
With someone you can never have?
So close you can touch her hand
Yet, so far to feel her heart?

Have you ever lived in pretense
Quietly loving without any condition?
A feeling of love that's unknown
Hiding it, not knowing for how long.

Have you ever fallen deeply
Loving the person unconditionally?
So afraid to say what you feel
Acting normal, keeping things still.

Have you ever been hurt unintentionally
But put on a smile, pretended to be happy?
Deep inside you're in pain and suffering
But outside you're jolly and laughing.

Why does holding her hand feel so right?
Your heart smiles every time she's at sight
Hearing her sweet voice makes your day
Hope you can hug her in a special way.


i still don't truly understand why you won't give me a chance.
why you don't want me to be a part of your life.
i try to be there for you,
but you keep pushing me away and act like it's nothing.
You pushed me away so far that you won't even acknowledged me sometimes.
What are you afraid of?
It hurts me deeply.
I know we've been through this situation like a million times,
back and forth,
you say this, i say that,
but it kills me to think about why you're doing this to me.
at least a simple conversation will do.
I don't mind.
Just don't act like i'm not aroound.
Like i'm invisible.
I hope you understand.
please and thanks.


it finally happened.
Glee Season 1 has finally ended.
and holy eff,
did it end with a blast.
i love this episode and the entire season.
rarely a tv show becomes interesting to me,
but this show really had me going.
from the all amazing characters(Sue Slyvester,Puck, and Brittany<3),
awesome storylines,
to the incredible selection of songs.
this show makes High School Musical look like a piece of turd.
Effed HSM!
Glee all the way!
i can't wait till the next season.
more drama,more laughter,
and most of all,
more brittany<3
Don't Stop Believing :)
wtf is happening to me? -.-

Friday, June 4, 2010


you know the drill.
ask me anything,

damn you internet,
damn you the heck!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


i hate being alone


one of the reasons i watch Glee!Heather Morris as Brittany <3
"Do you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" - EPIC!


so i'm currently on my semester break,
and the boring life begins.
i've clean up the house and got lazy afterwards.
my wasted my life just looking at my lappy.
and playing my nintendo ds.
i've been watching the tv show Glee non-stop.
what is wrong with me?
why am i addicted to this show?
it's like crack.....
with music.
all of their songs are stuck in my head.
that's because i downloaded their freaking songs,
and keep repeating it over and over.
damn you Glee!
damn you to heck!
i guess my boring life continues.
where's my DS?

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World(must see movie)

ouh shit,
i really want to see this effing movie.
more than any of the current movies now.
hurry up August!
or i will bitch slap you!