Thursday, February 26, 2009

my perfect girl(kinda)

Hayley Williams <3
why cant someone be as perfect as u?

2 days

2morrow im going back to my grandparents house..i'll be there for 2 days i think..i know afiq will miss me..the rest of u guys?50/50..haha ;p this will be my chance to relax a bit in the peaceful country side..mayb mandi sungai perhaps?nah,im actually busy with a kenduri my grandparents are still,i really need to get away from this city to freshen up my clouded mind..its all messed up inside there..n when i come back, i hav a lot of things to handle..well, c ya later!!!

ps - im not putting to much hope on the 'ONE' thing in my mind :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

u guys seriously need this...

3 words, 'HUG IT OUT'

crush no more?

it seems my latest crush is a no go..oh well,this proves that my love life really do sux..cant wait for the nx one..yay!!!(being sarcastic) :)

miserable at best

with all the stuff that keeps happening to me,i suddenly feel really happy..i cant tell the reason rite nw cuz i might ruin that happiness..all i can say is i hope things get better for me in the future..

to a certain someone with her name starts with R,i never said that i hate u..ur the one who thinks i hate u but i dont..u always be my friend :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009


nw im a little confuse with my life..i hav no idea where im going or wut to do..i always thought after school life,i was going to hav this cool life like jus sleepin,hanging out with my fwenz,n well finding the perfect someone..well i was life rite nw is boring as makes me miss the good old school days..haish..i hav no plans for my future at simply lost in this big planet call earth..

currently listening : Lady Gaga - Poker Face(im addicted to this song rite nw)

Dragonball : Evolution...can't wait :)

simply can't wait ouh :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

seriously miss her :(

she is beautiful,smart,caring,friendly and so on(she's jus to great)..and she happens to be my bestie and i really miss her ouh :( ...we only see each other once after new year celeb we had..with her working now and im jus laying my ass off on the couch,we barely even contact each other..i really hope we can hang out like old times..i truly syg u and i miss ur smile :(

all in my head

i like this girl bt afraid to make a move..mayb bcuz shes my friend and im afraid if i tell her,it will ruin our friendship..look what happen the last time..i almost lost a very good friend..although we dont talk much nw,bt im still glad that we're still friends..haish..i really do like this girl n mayb some other time i will tell her,bt for nw im kinda not ready yet..

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Finally,after a long time asking Afiq to buy a wallet,he finally does..