Wednesday, February 4, 2009

all in my head

i like this girl bt afraid to make a move..mayb bcuz shes my friend and im afraid if i tell her,it will ruin our friendship..look what happen the last time..i almost lost a very good friend..although we dont talk much nw,bt im still glad that we're still friends..haish..i really do like this girl n mayb some other time i will tell her,bt for nw im kinda not ready yet..


Ayu said...

Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;) Yre having a crush on someone, gd fr you lh dear. Yre moving on. Hpy fr you. Jst take yr time okay, xxxx

reihana, GB said...

hey sapa ohh nw dah secret2 ehh haha
gd for u lah mimi dah boleh move on
like ayu said tke ur time
& yeah im happy fr u hee

Liya Lyana said...

Goodluck. Take a move right now or else, you'll be losing something big buddy. I am sure that, after you tell her everything, you'll feel much much better no matter whether she accept it or deny it.