Monday, June 28, 2010

TESL NITE : The Verdict

when i agree to go to TESL nite,
one thing comes to mind
and is to have fun that night.
and all of a sudden,
i'm the freaking photographer for the night.
me?a photographer?
i know,its weird.
but its something i haven't done officially.
this was my first event as the official photographer.
they even call out my name.
i was supposed to bring a date to the dinner,
but faith was not on my side.
hey, i'm used to it.
now, talking about TESL nite.
it was,well surprisingly good.
i went to rehearsal before the night started and had second thoughts about this night.
it wasn't like prom or some major event or something.
its just a simple dinner with friends and lecturers.
with a few entertainment.
kudos to them btw.
the committee did an excellent job handling TESL nite.
i mean seriously, they handle it well.
when everything seems to fall down under,
they just keep getting stronger and figuring it out the solution.
a fine salute to them as well.
i didn't eat much of the food that night.
i was busy taking pictures :p
the photography session was kinda chaotic in some ways.
it was hard to handle 50+ people on top of the stage.
all of them are girls btw.
the amount of guys were little.
i guess its true.
we are getting extinct.
then all hell breaks loose.
people just started to take pictures here and there.
i can't do anything about it.
and then one of the lecturers come up to me,
and till today i am still shock,
because she asked me to tell the students that the dance floor was open!
i was like, whaaattt?!!!!
are you serious?
i did not expect that at all.
the dance floor was opened.
and what do you expect from kids these days,
they all came up the stage and shake it like a Polaroid picture.
even the lecturers.
i think.
i was kinda high that night.
i saw people who i did not expect to dance like a maniac.
me too was dancing like it was prom night.
while taking pictures of course.
then we officially closed the dance floor
and went back home happy and tired.
it was a very surprisingly awesome night.
and its a shame that some didn't came to enjoy this moment.
i hope next year,
it will rock even more.
TESLians Unite.
ok, that was lame.
hahaha :p

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