Thursday, June 10, 2010

Older and Wiser?

it's already June.
damn,time flies by when you're having fun (or lack of)
and i'm currently counting the days to my effing birthday.
the date i was born into this world.
man i feel old.
i mean really old.
that's a important number.
my upcoming final year as a teen.
what comes next?
the big 20.
double damn to that.
i wish i was Peter Pan or something.
that kid never grows up.
he can be quite annoying some times,
but still,
he stays as a teen.
i really can't imagine myself as a adult.
let alone a pre-adult.
i'm still like childish by nature.
but what can you do right?
sigh -___-

oh yeah,
i'm going to be 19 and i still don't have a girlfriend.
hooray!! -____-

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