Friday, April 16, 2010

A 'Kick-Ass' Review

wow,simple wow.
i finally got to see Kick-Ass
and might i say,
it fucking kick ass!!!
it is totally worth the wait.
i mean seriously,
i was like really looking forward for this.
and i almost had a heart attack when the movie start.
cuz the feeling of finally getting to see it is just overwhelming.
millions thanks to my friends for watching this effing movie together with me.
although some could not make it,
but it isn't too late to watch with the others as well.
enough bout my feelings toward this movie,
lets get it on with the review shall we?

it fucking kick ass.
this movie just plain rules at every aspect.
the movie is almost faithful towards the comic book itself.
but it also has some minor yet important changes made.
such as the relationship between Dave and Katie,
and the ending as well.
i don't think that it is a big issue cuz this is jus an adaption of the comic book.
although the director can be 100% faithful towards the comic,
but changing and twisting the plot a little certainly made the movie more interesting.
there were several parts in the movie that are very similar in the comic but the scene and direction of it changed a little from the comic.
a true fan of this awesome comic/movie will totally recognized some of the scenes that are based from the comic.
i like that they showed the back story for each main characters.
cuz in the comic book, little do we know about the background of some of the characters.
Red Mist truly shines in this movie as a kid who wants to be in the 'business' with his dad.
but what really is the focus of the movie was the one and only,
damn, she is a effing killing machine.
she steals every scene that she is in.
i mean, she is jus freaking awesome!
at one point,
i was thinking of being a pedophile for a while.
since she is only like 11 years old in the movie.
now she is 13.
grow up faster Chloe Moretz.

OMG Moments(Spoiler ahead)

technically, every scene in the movie was an OMG moment for me.
here are some that i think was really OMG to me the most.

  • Hit Girl and Big Daddy's emotional last moment with each other. i almost cried :'(
  • Red Mist and Kick Ass dancing moment in the Mist Mobile.
  • Hit Girl in a school uniform..wait what?
  • Kick Ass saving a guy from a beating. the song played during this was cool.
  • Hit Girl's killing spree. and i mean all of it. from the one in Rasul's house to D'amico's building.
  • Hit Girl in counter strike mode. AWESOME!!!
  • The deaths in the movie, gory and cool at the same time.
  • A Jetpack? really?
  • A bazooka? really?
  • Masturbation at the beginning? errr ok i guess.
  • Buying a costume and a jet pack from the internet? hmm i have to try it some time.
  • Katie is just fucking hot..nuff said.
  • Red Mist.New Costume.
  • Kick Ass and Big Daddy getting tortured for the viewing of all people.
  • Big Daddy burns!!
so i guess i can say that anything that has Hit Girl in it is an OMG moment for me :P

and thats it i guess.
i really really enjoyed watching this awesome movie.
and i'll definitely watch it again and again.
here's hoping that a sequel is it the works.
not only for the movie but the comic book as well.

KICK-ASS totally kick ass..nuff said :)

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