Sunday, April 18, 2010

A 'Kick-Ass' Soundtrack

for all music lovers out there (and of course the fans of Kick-Ass) should listen to this soundtrack. Not only are the songs incredible and fit well in the movie, the soundtrack also includes several lines from the movie.

although this is a great soundtrack for the film, i am still waiting for the musical score of the movie. hope it comes out soon :)

Here are the scenes where some of the tracks were played that i know of:
  • Track 1 - Introduction of Dave and The ending
  • Track 5 - Kick-Ass helping a guy getting beat up
  • Track 7 - Hit Girl's massacre at Rasul's place
  • Track 8 - Dave putting fake tan of Katie
  • Track 9 - Kick-Ass trying on a cape and waiting for Red Mist
  • Track 11 - Kick-Ass is back and creating his own MySpace page
  • Track 12 - Hit Girl arrives at Frank D'amico building and cause mayhem
  • Track 13 - Hit Girl's killing spree at the hallway of Frank D'amico's building
  • Track 14 - Kick-Ass arrives on a jetpack and helps Hit Girl
so there you have it :)

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