Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 rewind

damn, 2010 is almost done.
it seems just like yesterday it was January,
but here we are, December.
countdown begins to 2011.
looking back at this year,
it definitely has its ups and downs.
for once,
i get to keep my hair long like a rockstar.
more like a 25 year old hobo.
but it still looks cool.
i somehow become more responsible this year.
being class rep,
organizing events,
being (un)official photograper for TESL club,
living (semi)alone.
damn, a lot has happened.
and i didn't even notice it.
maybe it's a sign that i'm truly changing.
becoming the person that i will become.
i mean, i truly suck during previous years.
but this year, i took a lot of responsibility,
which i always afraid to keep up.
but i somehow managed to get through them.
one thing for sure,
i'm still an Ass-hole!
A jack-ass!
i don't mind calling myself that.
i know my flaws and i don't give a fuck about others who think judge me.
the downs of my year?
so much fall out between my parents and me.
i love my family but damn it,
crap on a stick!
oh yeah!
being alone!
even this year i couldn't get lucky.
it's like the curse is still with me.
and it wont go away.
damn it!
but i did mature a little when it comes to going out with girls.
although i still need some stuff to work out.
but it's kinda an improvement from last year.
i just wish i could have met someone this year.
and spend time with her through out the year.
i always have the thought that i will spend my new year's eve with someone that i truly care about.
i mean, not that i don't like spending it with my friends,
but i just wish that a certain someone will be there too.
and that certain someone could be anyone,
but i guess i won't know who she is.
its sad that all this while people think i'm like this guy who hangs out with girls,
but in reality i'm just another loser just trying to survive in this world.
i'm a nobody.
i guess i went off topic.
i'm sorry.
being the last few days of the year,
i tend to get a little bit emotional about this.
anyway, 5 days left till new years.
and i hope maybe during these 5 days,
a freaking miracle could happen to me.
for once, i could be happy on a new year :)

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