Thursday, December 30, 2010

Final Entry for 2010

i don't sense the end of the world yet cuz Busted have already been to the Year 3000.
sorry, i'm feeling a bit nostalgic.
it's been a decade yaw!
10 freaking years.
damn what a long time.
so i have my right to be a little nostalgic.
S Club 7, Blue,Westlife.
damn i feel old.
oh yeah cuz 2011 will mean that i'll be 20 next july.
damn, no 'teen' ever!
a lot of pressure.
so speaking of the new year,
what are my new year's eve plan?
hmm good question!
well, i have no effing idea.
some want to go here,
some want to go there.
i'm kinda stuck.
i kinda want a peaceful,non-crowded celebration of the new year,
but without anyone to celebrate it, it's no fun.
so i'll just follow my friends and see how it goes.
it's not like i have a special girl that i can bring with -.-
it's not that being with my friends isn't fun,
i just want a special someone to be there when the clock strikes midnight.
looks like 2010 wasn't really happy with me,
so the curse still lives on.
damn you!
but there were some good things that happen during 2010.
well, i now have more friends, in and out of college of course.
who would have thought that a loser kid like me will have some awesome friends(thx lyn<3)
people keep telling me that i'm like famous and popular and stuff.
well i'm not!
i'm just an average guy who follows his friends to go see other friends.
without my close friends, i won't be able to know half of my friends now.
so i appreciate it.
how bout my attitude?did it change?
well, not really.
i still feel like the same syahmi.
but some say that i changed.
maybe i did.
but i just don't realized it yet.
i do notice that i've become more social.
i used to be the guy who only hang with certain people only.
but now, i don't care.
i'm like opening up my variety?
something like that.
i don't wanna brag,
but i kinda went out with girls,
by myself,
no when else(well, maybe some bought their friends)
weird right?
me going out with girls?
it's like my kembara turns to a buggati.
it will never happen, but it did.
i was kinda nervous will all those encounters(sound like Final Fantasy to me, which btw is awesome!)
especially the current encounter.
that made me really nervous like shit.
but i went through all of that.
and i kinda feel proud of myself.
well, not only cuz i get to go out with girls.
but also cuz i stepped out of my box.
not being the loner(i'm kinda still am a lil)
so that was kinda a big deal in 2010.
what else?
i can't think much.
now, let's talk about 2011.
what can u expect from me in 2011?
well, TESL nite is just around the corner!
who will be my date that night?
i have no clue *perhaps?
i'm going to be hella busy with it.
taking photos and stuff.
and oh yeah!
i'm doing my practicum around july!
yeah! *jump off building
i'm freaking scared!
i can't handle kids!
damn! damn! damn!
ok i'm calm down now.
i'm still not ready.
but i guess i can be prepared more.
will we be expecting a gf in 2011?
and i hope i choose the right one :)
like i said, i'll go with the flow.
i won't put high hopes on anything or anyone.
i've learned it the hard way.
so please 2011,
be nice to me.
i really want 2011 to be the year i shine the most,
the year that i've become something,
the year that i finally found someone.
the year Syahmi will be Syahmi!
good bye 2010,
and hello 2011!!!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

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