Sunday, March 28, 2010

Give Me A Freaking Sign

i can't believe this.
i'm just not like me anymore.
i'm becoming more like a jerk.
a a-hole.
a dumb ass.
a jack ass.
a effed up person.
am i trying to hard?
is being me a bad thing?
i can't please everybody.
i'm just trying to have a little fun,
but come on.
i'm a loser.
i admit it.
i'm a loser of everything.
of clothing.
pretty much everything.
but i live my life the way i wanted it to be.
and i enjoyed it i guess.
but there is something missing.
always missing.
this curse.
get away from me.
what do u want from me?
a biscuit?
a prize?
just get away!
all i want is to be happy.
and finally,
give me a freaking sign please!
i can't take it!

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