Monday, May 10, 2010

What If........

every single person in the world always have this thought,
"What if....."
it doesn't matter,
"what if i do this" or "what if i did that"
every single bastard always think about it.
that includes me.
i am that bastard.
i never realized that i always have situation that always have me thinking "What if.."
with studies,
with family,
with friends,
with girls,
mostly with girls i guess.
situations with them always ended badly for me.
not for them.
the girls always ended up in a happy ending.
but for me,
crap on a stick.
and because of that,
i always think "What if.."
"What if i was with this girl?"
"What if i take a chance back then?"
"What if i actually be serious when it comes to you?"
these thoughts are messing with my mind.
i guess that is what happen when you've been alone for quiet some time.
i hate this -.-

1 comment:

::ZueAziz:: said...

just cari kawan ramai-ramai....then you'll happy..=)