Wednesday, July 14, 2010

White Lines

wow,i'm 19 already and it sux.
not entirely.
i got a xbox 360 as an early bday gift i guess.
and you can't believe how many people wishes me a happy birthday.
although facebook is responsible for it,
i'm still happy.
even those sneaky lecturers.
ouh you guys.
you gave me and C and B,
but you still manage to make me smile.
even though i'm a bit older now,
still haven't settle my problems with my family.
i'm okay with my mum.
the rest is a mystery.
ego is it?
damn you.
ouh guess what?
i'm still single.
*rolling eyes while jumping off a building
and should i cut my hair?
i feel like as a future teacher,
i must.
but wtf,
i love it like this.
my hair rox.
okay, that was lame.
really lame.
i also joined the basketball club.
looks like i'm gonna be back in shape.
more fit.
incredibly tired everyday.
even on the weekends.
and i'm not doing anything on those days.
how many times did i said damn?
go eff yourself :)
why am i writing this long?
because maybe i won't be updating this crap for awhile,
due to my laziness as a human being.
i'm done for the night.
hope everything goes smoothly.
everything as in my freaking life.

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