Friday, October 15, 2010

break through the silence

sorry bloggy, haven't been spending some time with you lately.
blame twitter.
and FB.
and well, everything.
i said that i wanted to do a full SPvsTW review for the next blog,
but since i haven't watch it fully,
i decided to wait for awhile for a better copy.
i don't think it will be shown in Malaysia though.
damn government!
so what is new with my damn life?
i'm still the jackass that everybody knows.
i'm still as lazy as ever.
heading to a 5-6 weeks sem break,
which i have no idea what to do.
planning to go to a gym to finally work out.
damn im outta shape.
need to flatten the tummy a lil.
planning to get a BB.
everybody seems to be on the BB train.
gonna finish like 10 games that i bought a few months ago.
finally get to spend some quality time with my XBOX
hanging out?
but not all the time.
i'm jus a normal human being.
oh yeah,
my hair is getting longer.
but for how long?
i'm gonna have to cut it someday for my practicum.
the thought of teaching those rascals scare the shit outta me.
i'm definitely not effing ready.
i guess that's about it.
my life is really dull anyway.
if i got any interesting shit to write about,
u'll be seeing me.

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