Monday, September 28, 2009

A Knock To The Head

am i really unlucky with love? i keep on asking myself the same question every single time.
the whole thing with me and azraa is just a memory to me now.
and now i'm still finding the right one. but who is it?
maybe its just not the right time for me but when you are alone and seeing all your friends with their loved ones, it might be a little hard for me.
i thought i might found someone in college but i guess its just wishful thinking.
i gave my close friend in college a chance to be happy with someone.
there is no reason to fight over a girl.
i really thought a found the right one but problems start to piled up.
and now when things starting to go my way, things started to happened that made me cringed.

for now, i just want to stay the way i am..SINGLE..and basically NOT AVAILABLE.

i'm currently waiting to see what will happen between me and someone, so wish me luck :)

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