Friday, November 13, 2009

Midnight Surprise!

Before midnight i called you,
Asking you if you are home or not.
You said meet me after midnight,ok?
And I waited till the midnight comes.
I drove to your house.
With a surprise in mind.
Been seaching all night.
To make this encounter just right.
I waited for you near your house.
With my heart beating as fast as i can remember.
When you come out, I feel happy and complete.
But still.
I ask you to close your eyes.
Not spoiling the surprise.
I take you to the surprse.
And asked you to open your eyes.
A sight that i myself have planned for weeks.
A cupcake with a candle lighted.
A red rose to acompany with.
And to top it all of,
A song played that shows how i feel about you.
You we're overjoyed with the sight.
Thanking me like you never thank me before.
Said things that make me feel really special to you.
But thats wishful thinking.
With the joy and fun,
Comes with a price.
With another agenda for meeting you.
Although its still wasn't what i want.
I'm still glad i'm not losing you.
But deep inside,
I still feel like losing you day by day.
But I guess I have to deal with it.
Atleast i have this special moment in my mind forever.
With you,
anything is special to me.

Happy Birthday,A

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