Saturday, January 16, 2010

i shove the midsem right up MSU's big fat ass...sorta

damn, this past midsem really took a toll on me.
studying like were zombies of something.
the result,
headaches, lack of sleep, no maria ozaw....emm ignore that.
lots of tension coming from everyone.
all this bad energy.
really messed up my mojo(yeah rite)
and of course with all that effort,
the midsem results i think will be crap on a stick.
and i mean like a turd really wrap on a big effing stick.
well, i tried my best.
we can't go back now.
we just have to wait for the consequences of our effing laziness.
and i will be seeing you guys there too.


behold the result :
and stay away from drugs too :)

1 comment:

(^_^)biya(^_^) said...

good thing..
away from drugs..=P