Saturday, February 20, 2010

We Are Wolves

it's the end of my holidays..damn -__-
and what did i do for the whole 1 week?
absolutely nothing.
the 1 week that i was suppose to prepare myself for the upcoming challenges.
and as usual, i fucked it up.
typical syahmi.
i guess i have to work my ass off now.
damn you college life.
damn you to hell!

enough bout my screw up in college.
lets talk about my screw up in life.
YAY!!! -__-
day by day i feel more alone than ever.
it's eating me alive inside.
yeah i got my friends with me and all,
but it's not the same -__-
now most of my friends are in relationship or soon to be in a relationship.
it's like a lyric from the song Mr Right by A Rocket To the Moon,

'My girlfriends got a boyfriend, funny'

funny as in no surprise there.
typical syahmi.

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