Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Just a Matter of Time

hmmm i would be lying if i didn't see this coming.
it was bound to happen.
i mean come on,
she is so damn hot!
and got many friends.
she is friendly, very friendly.
she is pretty,beautiful and all the positive stuffs that i can think of.
although i don't know you that well, cuz well, we just start talking a couple of months back.
and we rarely even speak or meet now.
in my mind, i wanna this to work out.
but that was it.
nothing more nothing less.
yes i said that i just wanna go with the flow,
but come on!
it's me!
i just wanna have that special someone.
and i really want it to be her somehow.
but it's all wishful thinking.
i guess my curse still lives on.
i may be exaggerating things,
cuz not much has happen yet, that i know of.
so i just wish that things will finally go my way.
please god, for once i wanna have that happiness :(

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