Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally, Its Here

no,im not talking about my SPM result(which of course sucks).im talking about DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION!!!!!!!

i just saw the movie and i got to say,it was better than i expected..the action was great and the comedy in it was kinda good shows a little bit of the original dragonball..although, i was kinda frustrated because its an hour and a half,so the story was kinda rush..the epic battle between goku and piccolo was incredible..the special effects was awesome..the acting is a little cheesy bt hey,it is dragonball rite?they might change a lot of things in this movie,bt they somehow manage to put in a little stuffs that many of u guys thought they pull are some stuffs from the movie

-master roshi is a god damn pervert
-sifu norris talked about the 'OTHERSIDE' and master roshi saw gohan when he died
-yamcha,so dead on
-yamcha getting his ass burned
-the training with the orange was hilarious(u got to see it)
-oozaru(although it was for 2 minutes i think)
-the ending of the epic battle when goku flew to piccolo while doing the kame hame ha.Similar to the battle in the original dragonball but goku didnt punch through piccolo but he just kame hame ha that green bad ass away.
-the teasing between goku and chi chi.(its funny as hell)

im giving this movie a 4/5 cause im a fan of the franchise and i got to say this is great movie.Some may not like the movie but i dont care.As long as i like it,i doesnt matter. It might be confusing with the whole piccolo and oozaru working together(wtf?) but if there is a sequel, i know that they will explain it more clearly and have the movie a little longer(2 hours perhaps?)

spoiler - cute soup girl nursing the defeated :)

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