Monday, July 13, 2009

are u serious?

are u serious?are u kidding me?u must be fucking kidding me...i tore my heart for u for 5 years and not even once u give me a fucking chance...but for that bastard u give him another shot? after all that we've been through..WTF????after our emotional night,u still wont give me a chance..u avoided me..acted like it never happen..but it did..i was literally heart broken because u ignored everything that we said that night..u knw what..u've been avoiding me the whole time..u never sms me back...u comment only once and a while..that sux ass man...i wanted to try to be closer to u but u keep on avoiding it...but with other guys u dont mind...fuck that man...seriously this is jus fucked up...u never even appreciate what i did for u this past 5 years..i bet u cant tell me even one thing i did for u...u probably forgot your bday night..u probably forgot the gifts i gave u for 4 straight years..i bet its in a dumpster somewhere..even the most memorable gift of all, a necklace i saved for my one true love and i gave it to u, where is it nw huh? under your bed or jus in the trash?

u see..i gave my whole life for u but all u do is jus shit all over still wandering if it was a mistake ever falling in love with u..

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