Saturday, July 18, 2009

college life.. in college(YAY!!) taking i guess i'll be a english teacher(imagine me as a teacher..haha ;p) classmates are totally fun..i 1st hang with joe,aiman,naufal,nas,apit,bia,christina,ainur,kak shu and lynn...then i started being friends with wok,amirul,afiq,amir,jiha,jiher,lea,fatin and so much more..thank god i got them as my classmates..the classes are great..some are boring but still enjoyable..i guess..haha ;p

i really enjoy this life..for now..i hope i dont screw up this one..i totally focus on my studies...kinda.. :) not that girl anymore...still finding the right one though...i hope i found her soon...

currently listening to : Surrender To the Dance Floor - Just Dance(Lady Gaga cover)

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